Henneko Translation Un-release Complete!

Hi everyone,

Due to the recent licensing of Henneko by Digital Manga Guild, we have taken down all Henneko translation content on this site. Please support Digital Manga Guild when their official licensed version of the novel is released.

– Whitesora

Current Progress

Volume 2 Chapter 2 Progress: 36% done (Last Updated 01/21/2015)

Unrelease Schedule

So as many of you already know from my previous post, Henneko has been licensed. As nanodesu policy states this means all material must be taken down. The dates that the materials will be taken down are as such.

March 14: PDF/ePub versions will be taken down.

April 14: All other content will be taken down.

So enjoy everything while it last, as come these dates it will no longer be available.

Shingetsu out.

Licensing and the final semi-update

So news has arrived that Henneko has been licensed. Now all that we can hope for is that the novel will be handled with care. Also I have posted my final translation of the novel, it is partially edited but still mostly my raw translation. Although my time with the novel was short lived I did enjoy being a part of this project and hope to take on another project in the future. So with all of that said thank you for your support everyone and I hope one of the other great projects will be able to fill your LN void. さようなら皆

Progress Bar Discrepancies

So as some of you, or many of you, may have, or may have not, noticed the percentage on the progress bar has changed quite a bit. This is a human error on my part as I input the wrong numbers (sorry about that everyone). Anyway rest assured that I got it right this time. ごめんね~ (T-T)

Chapter 2-2 Coming Really Soon

So some of you may be asking, “Shingetsu when are you going to post the next part to chapter 2?” Well I have an answer my dear Nanotopians and it is soon. How soon you may ask? Probably in the next couple of days, maybe even tomorrow if you all are lucky, who knows. Anyway it is translated and awaiting editing so be prepared for an update. Until then じゃね〜

Chapter 2 Ahoy ~

So I am sure all you dear readers of Henneko have been waiting for this. Cue drumroll; yes this is an update! Chapter 2 part 1 is now available for your viewing pleasure. Most of it is the legacy of Nurin, with some tweaking here and there by my new-and first-editor CherryV and me. So look forward to more updates in the future.

No longer on hiatus

Hello all, Shingetsu here. I just wanted to let all you faithful and new Nanodesu Translations readers know that Henneko is officially active again, with me as as the new translator. I am still relatively new to translating so I ask everyone to please bear with my pace, as it is more than likely going to be slower than the other translators. However, you all can expect that I will be churning out updates more frequently in the future. So with that, look forward to more Henneko coming soon. じゃね〜

Troubles… troubles everywhere…

Hey, what’s up guys! Nurin here again… Just to say, Chapter one is done! YEAHHHHH! *Clap clap clap*


so, anyways, I hope that chapter two get done faster than the first one, but for now enjoy it. 

Almost done!

Hello friends, we are almost done with chapter 1 of the volume 2! All what’s left is the part 5, chapter two is already started, so expect it to be done soon, a week or two, thank you for your attention!

Volume 2 starting

Hello my children, here is Nurin speaking from the heavens… Or maybe not, let’s forget the Chuu2 and get to the talk 😀

So, you can realize that I am not in the situation I wanted, I have been full of troubles and Nano has been scolding me a lot. But I am going to fix my situation soon, I will be back in 2 weeks or so with full throttle, until there, enjoy the preview that I am leaving here, Chapter 1 Part 1 of Volume 2.

P.S. The Illustrations will be added later. They are there since a long ago.

P.S.2 This image describe my situation